40 years ago, Bob Marley did his final concert

Today, September 23, marks 40 years of Bob Marley’s last show. On this very day, in 1980, the reggae legend alongside The Wailers gave a concert at Stanley Theatre, in Pittsburgh.

The show almost didn’t happen. The company DiCesare-Engler Productions booked the show, but on that day Marley wasn’t feeling well. “I found out many years later that he’d collapsed earlier in Central Park while he was exercising”, Engler said. “His agent told me they weren’t sure Bob would appear.”

Engler also did not know that when Marley went to a New York City doctor after collapsing, he had learned the extent to which the rare melanoma had spread — to his brain, liver and lungs. After refusing a toe amputation several years earlier, surgery was no longer an option. The cancer was inoperable.

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