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Segunda-feira, Janeiro 24, 2022

How start this Project?

It all started 15 years ago, when i discovered the impactful vibrations that reggae had in me in a positive way.

It was these vibrations that led me to be a fanatic for the whole reggae culture. From party to party and festival to festival, I noticed that in Portugal, being a small country, the artists did not have enough bases to make their work known. After some time thinking about what could be useful to strengthen this musical aspect, I decide in November 2011 to create a brand to promote reggae and all its musical genres. I quickly went into practice, thinking of a name that appealed to values and ethics, because Reggae would not be Reggae without those bases. Hours and days passed until ...

Why Selajahfary?

Selajahfary appeared, from the junction of Emperor Selassie, of the God Jah, and Fary of Rastafary. Then thinking about the colors that would symbolize each of the names in the logo. Reggae always comes with green first, yellow and then red. In the logo, red comes first because of the struggles of Emperor Selassie, yellow the sun god and green, the rastafary’s passion for nature. Selajahfary was born on November 11, 2011.

10 years promoting reggae

In these 10 years, many initiatives have been carried out by Selajahfary, explaining some, since the creation of a Portuguese platform to promote reggae, solidarity actions and thematic parties, launch of the first physical magazine in Portugal (which for lack of support was on Stand-by ), and a few more …

In May 2020 we decided to take the first international step, creating a platform with all the necessary bases for the promotion of artists as well as news and releases from around the world. The aim is to bring together the whole concept of reggae on a single platform, in order to make possible a greater connection between promoters and artists.

Thinking about the future, and knowing how uncertain it is, we are sure of one thing … Reggae will always be the way!

WeDontFit – Selajahfary CEO