Australia With $100 Million Initiative to Protect the Oceans

Australia announced $100 million to ocean conservation in an effort to protect “blue carbon” environments and reduce emissions. The investment package will also support Australian Marine Parks, expand the Indigenous Protected Areas in the Sea Country and protection of marine species.

Much of the funding will go towards ecosystems that involve seagrass and mangroves, which play a key role in drawing carbon out of the atmosphere. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Australia’s oceans would be key to the country’s role in driving down emissions.

“The climate and the planet’s oceans are inextricably linked. This investment is a major contribution to domestic and international efforts to build healthier oceans and combat climate change”, he said.

“This investment will boost the seagrass and mangroves that will help cut emissions and it’ll mean cleaner beaches, lower fisheries bycatch, more fish stocks, better protection for turtles and seabirds, and help for coastal and Indigenous communities reliant on the ocean for their livelihoods.”

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