Biden Administration Takes Steps to Reinstate Migratory Bird Protections

In the last half century around 3 billion birds in North America has been lost, and two-thirds of the continent’s feathered friends today are at risk due to climate change.

That’s why the Biden administration this month began a new rulemaking process to formally withdraw the Trump administration action that removed “incidental take” protections from the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

According to the Audubon Society, the Biden team in March rescinded the “M-Opinion” implemented by the Trump administration, which was struck down in federal court last August.

“We hope to see the administration follow quickly with another rulemaking to establish a reasonable permitting approach for incidental take,” said Sarah Greenberger, senior vice president of conservation policy, National Audubon Society. “A permitting program is a common-sense approach to clarifying these longstanding protections and providing the certainty industry wants.”

“We need a multi-front approach to ensure the MBTA remains as a strong foundation for bird protection well into the future,” said Erik Schneider, policy analyst, National Audubon Society.

“In addition to action by the administration, we hope to see the Migratory Bird Protection Act reintroduced and passed in this Congress. Together, these actions will strengthen the MBTA from future attacks and offer stability and certainty for birds and businesses.”

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