Bob Marley’s family will release a new version of “One Love”

Bob Marley’s children, Stephen and Cedella Marley, along with Marley’s grandson Skip Marley, have produced a new version of “One Love”, Bob Marley and The Wailer’s track, released in 1977.

“Daddy wrote this song like 40 years ago, a long, long time. It just feels like right now in the world we need to have some different type of unity happening. Not just lip service, but real action”, said Cedella Marley.

“I think we’re going to bring this song to a generation that needs to know we do care. We do care what happens. We’re going to do a nudge and push and a shove and hopefully the message will resonate.”

The song was recorded at Cedella’s house in Miami, and it will be released on July 17.

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