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InícioREVISTANOTÍCIASDean Fraser saluda o falecido cantor Bob Andy

Dean Fraser saluda o falecido cantor Bob Andy



O saxofonista Dean Fraser deu uma entrevista à “DancehallMag”, onde falou sobre o falecido cantautor Bob Andy.

“He was not just a normal, ordinary guy who wrote a couple rhymes. He was really prolific; him a di best thing”, disse.

Fraser falou a respeito de “We Remember Bob Andy”, um álbum de tributo que envolveu 15 artistas que tocaram músicas do catálogo de Bob Andy. O projecto foi curado e produzido pela VP Records.

“Bob Andy is one of the best singer-songwriters to ever emerge from Jamaica, and he was a great entertainer also”, revelou Dean Fraser.

“For the times that I have worked with him, I’ve always been impressed. The first time I went to the UK and did a concert with him [1984], I was super impressed at that time because the songs that were big in England, I never knew them, so, here was a guy who was making sure that I had to go do my homework. He was really the boss and I think it was worthy to make a tribute album to him.”

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