Evoke Musik Makes Nigerian Debut with Jethro Lion

Evoke Musik, a new entertainment company based in the US with its subsidiary in Lagos, Nigeria, recently signed on its flagship artist, Jethro Lion a Reggae/Dancehall act.

The CEO of the platform, Mfon Essien, noted that Evoke Musik would redefine the entertainment landscape in Nigeria through the release of authentic and relatable music with lyrical depth that has a feel-good effect on the listener and portrays a positive image of Nigeria, home and abroad.

“An embodiment of creativity, Jethro Lion is not one to chase trends for the sake of clout. Nigerians should get ready, as a new storm is about to blow across the entertainment industry. Devoted and true to his artform, that storm is ‘Jethro Lion’, a multi-talented triple-threat, Singer/Songwriter, Music Producer and Performer”, he said.

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