Guitar owned by Bob Marley to be auctioned

The Icons & Idols Trilogy: Rock ‘N’ Roll auction hosted by Julien’s Auctions, which will also host the sale of two of Eddie Van Halen’s guitars, is to see two of Jimi Hendrix’s guitars and one owned by Bob Marley added to the catalogue.

The guitar that belonged to Bob Marley is an Ovation 1612-4 Custom Balladeer acoustic, loaded with a pickup. The guitar was given by Marley to Benji Levy, who Marley met and befriended at a car dealership in Jamaica. According to the auction page, the guitar’s repaired neck is the result of a fight between Marley and his girlfriend Cindy Breakspeare. Breakspeare reportedly hit Marley with the guitar – he then gave it to Levy, who had it repaired.

It’s expected to fetch between $80,000 and $100,000. The auction will be taking place between 1-2 December 2020.

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