How Maluma’s love of Bob Marley led him to Jamaica

If it wasn’t for a seven-day trip to Jamaica, Maluma may have stopped singing. The reggaeton star traveled there in January 2020. He was tired and felt like he could give it all up. But the 27-year-old star found exactly what he needed in the Caribbean island: a genuine connection with the culture and people of Jamaica.

In the end of the trip, he felt renewed and inspired, leading to the creation of his latest project, a visual EP called “#7DJ (Seven Days in Jamaica)”.

“When I took that trip, I really needed a break,” he tells EW. “Things get busy and you can’t find inspiration on demand. I went with an open heart and an open mind; the people and the sounds of the island were a breath of fresh air — exactly what I needed.”

The trip also allowed him to honor one of his idols, Bob Marley. “I cannot express how big of a fan of Bob Marley I’ve been my entire life,” he says. “I remember being a kid in school and the first iPod had just come out; it was enormous! I had that iPod full of his music, so when I’d travel back and forth from school, it was his voice blasting through my headphones, every note guiding me to a future in music. And it wasn’t just his music that I admired but also his activism. He continues to inspire me every day.”

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