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Inseparáveis: A história de amor do falecido Gregory Isaacs e a sua esposa June



Foi no dia 1 de Dezembro de 1983 que June e Isaacs se casaram. Ela tinha apenas 24 anos e estava completamente apaixonada.

“Gregory was very classy. He loved fine suits. Most of the suits he wore were bought in designer stores in London. He loved getting dressed. He would tell me, ‘mummy step out like a millionaire… even if you’re going to the market… I still do that up to this day…”, relembra June numa entrevista à revista “Dancehall Mag”.

“He was always dapper, he had hats and suits like no one. I still have some. My favorite is seeing him in full suit of white with his hat leaned to one side smiling with a little of his gold teeth showing.”

Porém, não foi amor à primeira vista. “I met this man while shopping downtown Kingston one Saturday. It was in Randy’s Records. I was a student of Shortwood Teachers College.
Our eyes made direct contact for a little while and so he came over. He came so close that I become uncomfortable”, refere June na entrevista.

“He was whispering in my ears and I didn’t like it. Worst he was a rastaman… no way was I entertaining him. I couldn’t wait to get out of the shop and it seemed like he couldn’t wait for me to get out too”, confessa Mrs. Isaacs.

“I was uncomfortable. He was persistent. I watched him keenly. He wasn’t the typical Rasta….He was clean as a whistle…his locks barely visible …and his cologne could tell he had good taste He was nine years my senior and that was worrying…he treated me like a child. He was on campus every day. He was one sweet caring intelligent guy that I couldn’t wait to see at visiting time.”

Sem que desse por isso, apaixonou-se pelo músico de reggae, e a sua vida nunca mais seria a mesma. Tinha encontrado um amor que só se encontra nos poemas: duradouro e inseparável.