Koffee Is Jordan’s Latest Ambassador

Koffee has only 20 years-old and is already a world-known star. And now, she has been made an ambassador for the Jordan Unite campaign. Collaborating with the brand in a mission to create positive change, Jordan will help to amplify her advocacy and continue her commitment to creating a more equal world through education.

“Jordan puts forth a very positive outlook and message,” she tells British Vogue. “When I saw the Unite project that we were to collaborate on, it inspired me in a positive way. I think it’s the way that the youth should be going.”

“It’s a brand that I wore growing up, and [now I am] in a position to inspire my friends based on knowing that they wear it too. Saying positive things, putting forward positive music, and positive messages will always inspire my peers to reach for heights but still remain grounded and not become corrupt. That’s a huge inspirational point, and a great opportunity for myself. And I generally wear a sports style, a lot of sports clothes like sweatpants, sweatsuits, and sneakers, so Jordan’s already within my style and what I represent.”

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