“Lonely Planet” highlights 13 places to visit in Jamaica

Famous travel magazine “Lonely Planet” just released an article called “13 best places to visit in Jamaica”. It’s a wonderful guide, and very useful if you’re planning to visit the beautiful country.

“Jamaica is its own ting man, unlike any other place. Be it the creativity of its arts scene, the cuisine or the culture that birthed reggae music – Jamaica, with its Blue Mountains and waterfalls, lives up to the hype as one of the most popular Caribbean destinations”, they started the article.

“Jamaica’s 14 unique parishes encourage a slower type of travel and explains why so many visitors often find themselves coming back over and over again. From the lush greenery of the Blue Lagoon to the lively nightlife scene, here are the 13 best things to visit on the third-largest island of the Caribbean.”

Know all the 13 places on “Lonely Planet” website.

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