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Nadine Sutherland diz que rumores sobre adição de drogas a levaram a uma depressão e quase destruíram a sua carreira


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A cantora Nadine Sutherland falou sobre os rumores de adição de drogas, que surgiram há décadas, quando se encontrava no topo da música Dancehall.

De acordo com a artista, os rumores levaram-na a uma depressão, e quase destruíram a sua carreira musical.

“It basically almost ruined me. I thought it would have passed, but it took on a life of its own… that some people wanted to believe it. Internationally it lost credibility. I lost faith in myself. I wasn’t suicidal, but I had suicidal thoughts because I couldn’t believe it could have taken on what it took on”, revelou numa entrevista com o jornalista Anthony Miller, do “The Entertainment Report”.

“Everybody know my story. I am a county girl; strict father. I know nothing of that life. I was very, very naïve. But I think there were a lot of things that contributed to it, and one was, a little bit of envy. People wanted to see me ruined; wanted to see me in Half-Way Tree walking around naked, and probably they thought that would have happened.”

Quando questionada sobre se sentiu necessidade de negar publicamente os rumores, a cantora disse que os esforços que fez nesse sentido foram inúteis. Porém, sempre teve aliados que a defenderam.

“Did it several times bit to no avail. But, there were people who were supportive. There were people who defended; there were people who loved me through it. There were people standing with me; there were people who were sympathetic and empathetic, and I want that also to go out there”, respondeu.

“There were people that were praying for me. But it was so big, but those who were around me and could see what was happening to me, that I was basically taking it inside and I was loosing my footing. And then it got so bad, my parents don’t even know – I don’t even want them to know that I started thinking that probably I should just go”, acrescentou.