New Episode Of Bob Marley “Legacy” Documentary Series “Freedom Fighter” Explores Today’s Social Issues

“Freedom Fighter”, the latest episode of the Bob Marley “Legacy” documentary series on YouTube, takes us through his music and into his messages through a series of interviews with artists, including LL Cool J and 2 Chainz, as well as writers, activists, family and more.

The series touches on how the issues Marley spoke out against, including police brutality, continue to happen in the U.S.  

“There are so many ironies surrounding the concept of freedom in the American context today”, Dr. Glenn A. Griffin, professor of Critical Theory and Social Justice at Occidental College, says in the video. “Including the plight of immigrants, the position of women of color, ongoing lynching, killing of African-American men that it seems important to understand what Bob Marley might have to say about this moment.”

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