New reggae bar will open in the Seychelles

La Digue island, in the Seychelles, will have the first reggae bar in the country. Owned by couple Ethel and Lenny Durup, it will open soon and will have food, music and drinks.

La Digue Reggae Bar as a panoramic view, and it was built from natural materials, and painted with reggae colors red, gold and green. It is located at Anse Reunion and has a mural of Bob Marley.

“La Digue does not offer many entertainment options at night. We foresee the bar as one which has a relaxed vibe and we hope for it to become a hotspot for nightlife on La Digue, with a mixture of tourists, expatriates and locals. It has a decent sized space, making it perfect for mingling and socializing”, said Ethel Durup.

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