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Prince Wadada

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The Angolan born Prince Wadada, who has met Bob Marley discography through his interest in learning englishin the mid eighties, He is one of most interesting musicians to follow his footsteps in the world of reggae made in portuguese. He is also one of the most influential reggae/dancehall artists currently in Angola and Portugal. With a career spanning over twenty years, he has shared the stage and studio, with such big name artists such as: Big Youth, Gentleman, Lee Scratch Perry, Anthony B, One Love Family, Jah Vai, Eduardo Pain, General D, SSP, GC Unity, Phathar Mak, Dina Medina, Kussundolola, Gabriel o Pensador, Bonga and Damian Marley.
Prince Wadada’s discography currently consists of eight albums. The albums are, “KEM E’ KEM”, “NATTY KONGO”, “ENTENDIMENTO”, “KAZUKUTA”, “MILICIANO”, “DANÇA DA BUALA”, “ANGOLA NICE” and “KALUANDA”.
You can find out more about Prince Wadada’s musical works on other projects like “LINHA DA FRENTE” Released by Universal Record with musicians like Viviane, João Aguardela, Rui Duarte, Dora Fidalgo, Luis Varatojo and Janelo da costa. Prince Wadada is one of the biggest contributors to the growth of the Soundsystem movement in Portugal, working with projects such as Fankambareggae, Dabadelic, Julajah, Bob Figurante and many others.
Prince Wadada’s name came from a fusion of the Jamaican poet Prince Far I (1944-1983) and a song from Burning Spear called “Black Wadada”. All this began when Prince Wadada at the age of 14, joined the Rasta community in the ” Bairro Operário”, in Luanda, where he reinforced his conviction in a philosophy based and inspired by the way of life of African ancestors. It was with an amateur Yamaha Synthesizer, a prize won in a Music Contest from a local radio called LAC in 1992 that made Wadada join two friends to form a Ragga Hip Hop group, by itself the first of the Angolan underground movement, the “GC Unity”, with Kool Kleva and Gangsta Dú. In 1994 he embraced his solo career starting his journey to discover the ideal sound for his artistic aspirations.
Today, basic human rights is the main focus of Prince Wadada’s music, and that is exactly what this professional and humble artist is doing.
Blessed Love!

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Alfama, 1100, Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
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