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Queen Ifrica diz ter sido violada pelo seu pai, o cantor de ska Derrick Morgan


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Num live emotivo no Instagram, a cantora de regggae Queen Ifrica disse ter sido violada pelo seu pai, o cantor de ska Derrick Morgan, há vários anos.

A artista explicou que não conhecia o seu pai porque a mãe os manteve separados. À procura dessa ligação entre pai e filha, Ifrica falou com o pai num dos seus concertos.

“When I met him, I went to him hotel and mi ask him why him neglect me over all these years, and him just seh him did married and have children and him couldn’t mek him wife know him a deal with dem something deh, that’s why him did tell mi mother fi abort me”, disse.

“So, see mi yah pon the battlefield fi the most high cause she never abort mi. After mi meet him and mi start get fi know him, cause a di first mi a have a father figure inna my life, a the great Derrick Morgan, a di great ska legend – column of we music…”

“I went to visit him when him was in Jamaica on one of him visits. Went to his house over Greenwich Farm, Nine Street, and mi deh deh with him the day and mi end up spend the whole day with him cause yuh done know, a mi father and mi a get fi know him… The hours come down and mi suppose to tek a taxi come back a Pembroke Hall, and him look pon me and him a seh, ‘No man, yuh mad? It too late, stay… Better you stay and go in the morning’. Memba now, a mi father, don’t? So, if mi father seh bill, mi a go bill, don’t?”

“Inna the hours, mi go to bed and go lay down pon the bed. Mi father never ready to go to bed yet, and the next thing mi wake up to inna the hours is mi father a penetrate me. Mi wake up inna the hours to mi father trying to penetrate me sexually; hold mi down inna the bed and have sex with me and tell me seh him wife nah have no sex with him, so, him haffi do it with me”, continuou.

A artista chegou a citar frases da letra do tema “Daddy”, que lançou em 2009. Como: “Can’t you see I’m scared? You’re supposed to be my father.”

Já o cantor Courtney Morgan, filho de Derrick Morgan, diz que Queen Ifrica está a mentir e denegrir a imagem do pai.

“She needs to calm herself, stop attacking people, and get some good psychological help”, referiu o cantor e médico.

“He only met (her) since she was an adult with two children. By that time, my dad was already 100% blind with neurological issues that impaired his movements. How would a man like that rape anyone? I spoke to her about it and her story was all over the place. I told (her) to get psychiatric help, but she took that as me threatening her. So, I started ignoring her”, escreveu Courtney sobre a situação.