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Root cause of UB40’s brothers war revealed at last

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Robin and Ali Campbell became global stars in 1970, with a career that have now lasted for more than 40 years. They are known for their music, but also for their major feud.

Non-band member David is the eldest followed by guitarist Robin, then Duncan – the current frontman of more than ten years -, and original lead singer Ali.

“Fame changes people, pecking orders change and egos get frustrated and out of control”, says UB40’s saxophonist Brian Travers, that explains that the problem has existed since school days.

Ali told BirminghamLive, in 2016, that he’d received £4,500 in criminal injuries compensation “at a time when I was getting £7.50 a week on the dole at the age of 19″. “I gave a quarter of it to Robin and Duncan for a car business which they lost within weeks, and put the rest towards band equipment.”

“Me, Earl and Jimmy were the original members of UB40. I only invited Robin into the band because he knew the chords to the ‘House of the Rising Sun’.”

This week, Ali put the boot into his siblings and former bandmates alike during an appearance on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain”.

“I was kind of betrayed by them and I left citing problems with management. All that management has been struck off so I stand vindicated. I’m just happy to carry on promoting reggae and our version of UB40.”

“I think we’ve got the hottest reggae band on the road in the world at the moment so there’d be no point in going back to what we used to do years and years ago. I have no contact with them.”

“I only get to hear what’s happened like everyone else. I don’t know what’s going on but I know he’s [Duncan] recovering [from a stroke].”


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