Shaggy Talks About Collaboration With Spice and Sean Paul

Shaggy chatted with “Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos” about “Go Down Deh”, his latest collaboration with Spice and Sean Paul.
On the idea for the song, Shaggy said: “Spice had called me to do a collaboration. I know she has had a lot of hits over the years but she has never done an album. I told her that we could make that happen and we came to a deal and we restructured her deal.”

“I played her this song, which I had done for myself and she thought it was ‘fire’ and she loved it. I told her if she liked it that much, I could make it her record. Once she put her vocals on it, it really gave it a beautiful color and vibe. Then, we added Sean Paul on it, and the next day, he gave us the verse. It was that quick and it was very organic. Sean Paul and I have always had a really good relationship.”

“Spice was full of energy and colorful, she just lights up a room, and she is like a modern day Grace Jones. We knew we had the hot song with ‘Go Down Deh’”, he added.

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