Solar-Powered Panels Pull Water Out of the Air For Navajo Families

Zero Mass Water’s Source hydropanels pulls vapor from the atmosphere and bring it through faucets as clean, drinkable water. Through a grant provided by the Unreasonable Group and Barclays Bank, an initial demonstration project is bringing this pioneering air-to-water technology to 15 Navajo households.

This project is being managed by Navajo Power, Public Benefit Corporation, and Arizona-based Zero Mass Water. “We are so happy to see these systems come to our communities who have not had basic access to water for all of these years”, said Mae Franklin of the Cameron and Coalmine communities.

And how does this technology work? The hydropanels, powered by off-grid solar energy, have fans that draw air in the atmosphere and push it through what’s called a hygroscopic. From there, the trapped water vapor is extracted and gets condensed into liquid that’s collected in the reservoir of the hydropanel.

So that it has the ideal taste and composition, that collected water is then mineralized. Now it can be run through the faucet and is ready to drink. Each Hydropanel connects to a cloud-based network and is monitored for performance and quality that way.

Source hydropanels are already well-established globally, with the technology currently supplying clean drinking water to tens of thousands of people in 45 countries through partnerships with governments, corporations, and development organizations.

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