Steve McQueen Opens the New York Film Festival With a Lyrical Reggae House-Party Movie

In the new Steve McQueen’s movie, “Lovers Rock”, the aura is set in a reggae vibe. It starts in a London house party, in 1980, with men in dreadlocks, smoking weed, and dancing to “Silly Games” by Janet Kay.

The movie, which opened the New York Film Festival, is part of “Small Axe: A Collection of Five Films”, an anthology of dramas about the Black British experience from the 1960’s to the 1980’s that McQueen directed for BBC One and Amazon Studios.

This is the only one of the five that’s not based on a true story. “Lovers Rock” is only 70 minutes long, and nearly all of it takes place in that house. The movie will air on movie theatres soon.

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