The success of Lila Iké on America

Jamaican singer Lila Iké is receiving widespread attention for her debut EP, “The ExPerience”. Unlike artists like Rihanna, whose Barbados accent is nearly undetectable in her music, Lila is unmistakably a Jamaican vocalist.

“I want people to know, Lila Iké is not just a reggae artist, I am a Jamaican artist who is influenced by different music and you are going to hear that coming through”, Lila declares, quoted by “The Daily Beast”.

“Jamaican music is moving further and further away from the purist reggae kind of vibe, but for me, it’s important to maintain the music’s indigenousness. I incorporate that into the rhythms I use and in my singing style because I want young people to know, this music doesn’t start where you hear it, it has transcended many years and changes.”

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