The World’s First Happiness Museum Opened in Copenhagen

Copenhagen opened the world’s first happiness museum, in July. The Happiness Research Institute is the driving force behind this new project.

According to their mission statement, the independent think tank’s goal in exploring why some societies are happier than others “is to inform decision-makers of the causes and effects of human happiness, make subjective well-being part of the public policy debate, and improve the overall quality of life for citizens across the world.”

“I think people imagine that the Institute is like a magical place”, CEO Meik Wiking joked in an interview with CNN, “a room full of puppies or ice cream, but we are just eight people sitting in front of computers looking at data”.

After receiving numerous public requests to visit their less-than-magical offices, the Happiness Crew decided to open to public.

“We thought, why don’t we create a place where people can experience happiness from different perspectives and give them an exhibition where they can become a little bit wiser around some of the questions we try to solve?”

On July 14, with strict Covid-19 protocols in place, the 2585 square-foot museum made its debut. With a current maximum capacity of 50, visitors are invited to explore happiness from a global perspective that includes historical insights on how the concept of happiness has evolved over the ages, and the ways in which varying regional cultures define the term.

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