Tributes paid to Edinburgh reggae singer Natalie Hendry

The musician, known as Litl Nat, passed away January, 29 at the age of 32. Natalie’s sister, Monique led the tributes by describing her sister as having the purest heart and soul ever.

She wrote on Facebook: “Natalie, Natalie, I can’t believe you’re gone. No more singing at the top of your lungs in the house, no more sis dates, no more arguing over clothes, no more dance sessions in my room, no more claiming who’s dad’s favourite daughter lol.”

A producer who worked with Natalie, known as ‘Bonnie Prince Bob’, set up a Go Fund Me page this week which he dedicated to his “very dear and special friend”. He wrote on Facebook: “Sometimes we meet people who change our lives and stay with us forever, no matter where they are.”

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