Trojan Jamaica announce U-Roy album

Trojan Jamaica/BMG have announced the release of U-Roy’s final full-length album, “Solid Gold U-Roy”. The album was originally set to come out in 2020 with plans for a worldwide tour in support, but the pandemic delayed the release.

Now, with the loss of U-Roy on February 17, the album has become a celebration of one of the most influential reggae stars of his generation.

“Solid Gold U-Roy” has being heralded by the release of “Man Next Door. (Feat. Santigold)”. One of the great reggae songs of all time, the track features guest appearance by the incomparable Santigold.

“Man Next Door” is a beloved reggae standard written by John Holt and released in 1968 by his group The Paragons. U-Roy sampled the song in 1982 for “Peace and Love in the Ghetto” on his Original DJ album.

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