Ziggy Marley and Other Artists Honor Frontline Health Workers Who Died of Covid-19

Ziggy Marley, Rosanne Cash, Lance Bass and John Fogerty are some of the stars coming together to honor the front-line healthcare workers and first responders that died of Covid-19. The “Charity Pros for Heroes” live virtual event will salute the heroes of the pandemic and raise funds to help provide educational scholarships and grant the children of the fallen heroes a special “Megan’s Wish”.

“Every day, we learn of incredible stories of these children nationwide who are dealing with the effects of losing their parent”, explains Megan Maloney, founder of The Charity Pros. “These Heroes went to work every day during our darkest times of the pandemic and gave their lives while protecting us from the very fate they suffered, Covid-19.”

Charity Pros for Heroes will be broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook, April 6, 2021 at 8:30 EST, featuring special appearances from Rosanne Cash, Ziggy Marley, John Fogerty, Lance Bass, Kevin Cronin (REO), Kelly Hansen (Foreigner), Don Felder, Andy Grammer, Andrea Barber, Michael Franti, Tiera, Jawan M. Jackson, Danny Arroyo, Drew Baldridge, Ben Allen and more.

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