Ziggy Marley reveals health secret

Ziggy Marley let “Men’s Health” into his Los Angeles home, where he have a gym in the backyard. According to the magazine, while he does have traditional gym equipment laying around, along with a rowing machine and Peloton bike, he also sometimes feels the pull toward mixing up his routine as a way to continue being motivated to keep his exercise routine up to par.

His main goal is to stay healthy, rather than being fit to look good. “The most important muscle is the heart muscle”, he says. “You can have bigger biceps, chest and legs. But if the heart ain’t strong, none of those muscles matter.” And food matters too.

He’s eliminated sugar, bread and processed foods, and keeps staples like eggs, boiled ginger water, raw garlic and kombucha ready at all times. “We listen to our bodies because your body speaks to you.”

And his secret? Drinking boiled ginger water to stay healthy.

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